TV Trifecta: Blake’s 7, Arrow, Doctor Who


? SyFy is apparently rebooting the late ’70s British sci-fi series Blake’s 7, about a bunch of space criminals who try to start a rebellion. Or trying to; SyFy has ordered a script, and we’ll see how that goes. It might well get made, but I wouldn’t get yoir hopes up; the reboot is under the guidance of Heroes producer Joe Pokaski, and will be directed by Martin Campbell, who most recently crapped out Green Lantern. Still, I eagerly await someone going insane with rage in the comments about how I’ve mischaracterized the show. (Via Deadline)

? Arrow is bringing in Huntress for a few episodes, to be played by Jessica De Gouw. I’m very curious to see what her costume looks like; I’m guessing it will not be comics accurate, which will be sad, but probably for the best. Thanks to Mike T. for the tip. (Via Comics Alliance)
? Doctor Who premieres on September 1st in the U.K… and the U.S., and Canada. We’re getting the first chucnk of season 7, which happens to be five episodes, which also means they’re all going to air entirely in September. Weird.