Videogame Preview Trifecta 2: Assassin’s Creed III, Until Dawn, The Last of Us

? More trailers from Gamescom! First up is a video detailing AssCreed 3‘s naval battles. Having watched the videos, I still have no idea how they’ll actually play, but boy do they sure look pretty.

? Until Dawn is a neat tweak on the survival-horror genre by putting you and a bunch of horny co-eds in a scary cabin the woods and — wait for it, the tweak is coming — forcing to try and keep your idiot friends alive “until dawn.” It’s a PlayStation Move game, so I don’t want anything to do with it, but I fully admit the game looks nice and sounds fun.
? Meanwhile, Naughty Dog’s survival game The Last of Us has plenty of horror on its own, thanks to you taking care of a young girl, Ico-style, while fending off a variety of fellow survivors/bastards. This incredibly effective trailer is actually kind of harrowing to watch, which makes me desperately want to play the game, but also worry that the game will stress me out too much if I try to play it. I’m guessing that’s exactly how Naughty Dog wants me to feel, so bully for them.