Videogame Trifecta: Dishonored, Final Fantasy XIII, The Old Republic

? Here’s a new preview for Dishonored, which shows off some of the ways the main character can get the hell out of dodge after finishing a mission, i.e.: 1) dash jumps, 2) stopping time (and killing a bunch of people), and 3) possessing people til you get where you’re going. I like that the game has moved beyond the Bioshock Plasmid range of powers, and I really like the ability to peek into keyholes, especially when you get to watch all the people you killed when you stopped time slowly keel over. But the possession thing is a bit weird to me — does your physical body disappear when you possess a character? And then reappear whenever you’re done? I guess it must, but that seems… unlikely. I mean, it seems kind of far-fetched even in a game where I’m a vengeful killer with a ridiculous amount of magic and there are guys on steam-powered stilts walking around. (Via Joystiq)

? Square Enix announced they’re going to announce a new Final Fantasy XIII game on September first. I will save my hate/vomit/bile/disgust/profanity-filled rant for then. (Via Kotaku)
? Bioware announced that their Star Wars MMORPG The Old Republic will be going free-to-play (up to level 50) at some point this fall. These players will lose access to certain content/items/stuff, but have the benefit of not paying monthly for a game they’ve already purchased.