Well, at Least These Vampires Are Trying to Do Something Constructive with Their Lives

The Revenant is about the dude from Alias and Heroes — who I’m sure is grateful not to have to do the fake English accent he built his career on — becoming what appears to be for all intents and purposes a zombie, but one who drinks blood, and everyone annoying calls a “Revenant.” Then he decides to go fight crime with his slacker buddy and his new undead powers, which mostly seem to consist of not being killable. It seems to have won a lot of awards, although it isn’t doing much for me; your mileage may vary, I guess. (Via Nerd Bastards)

For the record, this a premise I’m betting was explored better in the insane 1998 movie Dead Heat, starring Treat Williams and Joe Piscipo as cops who don’t let Treat becoming a zombie stop them from busting criminals. This is not a comedy, per se; it’s a buddy cop movie that plays Treat’s zombie-ness as… a mild annoyance. It’s on Netflix Instant; if you love mesmerizingly terrible films, I can’t recommend it enough.