10 Awesome Lego Brickfilms Inspired by Comics

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As Topless Robot has previously discussed and you’re probably well aware of, Brickfilming is an impressive act of nerdery that it involves Legos and stop-motion animation (and whatever source material that interests a filmmaker). A few months ago TR featured 10 Awesome Brickfilms Inspired by Videogames, but it probably won’t surprise you to learn that comics are at least as popular a source for fan-made Lego animation as games are.  

As such, there are hundreds of brickfilms on the nerdernet about comic heroes, villains, the inherent ridiculous of the genre, and more. While plenty of these are worth watching, plenty more are not. Rather than force you to wade through the morass on your own, we’re happy to present 10 comics-inspired Brickfilms that you absolutely shouldn’t miss. 

10 ) The Batman: Noire Series

Created by Stop Moe Sean, “The Batman: Noire” series imagines Bruce Wayne as a hard-boiled detective, tormented by the death of his partner Dick Grayson. Wayne’s struggles with alcohol and vengeance parlay into a situation with the Joker, who gets his laughs by killing off members of the Gotham Police Department. But when Wayne slips away, after a little inference run by one Selina Kyle, he revives the superhero that Gotham long ago thought dead.
Audio problems aside, “The Batman: Noire” has some bat-excellence, and it’s interactive, inviting you to complete the tale by clicking on the video’s annotations. It’s like a prototype for Lego Batman.

9) Comic-Con ’12

Darkspidey Productions take a few shots at Comic-Con International in this parody featuring jaded true believers named “Jake and Dan.” They’re manning the Darkspidey table, which is just outside the men’s restroom and far from the nerdy awesomeness of the convention. It’s a rough start to their expensive venture, so they make the best of it by lambasting Chris Hardwick, videogame’s “white guy” problem and Star Wars, as well as dealing with accusations of ripping off other brickfilmers. There’s also a fire and a Stan Lee cameo, which is perhaps the highlight of their disastrous trip.
Simply put, Darkspidey Productions’ brickfilm is worth watching if you want a good laugh at Comic-Con culture. If not, check out their Lego Spider-Man films at the link above – they have more than 30.

8) Lego Superheroes: Marvel vs. DC

The Big Two – Marvel and DC – will never reign over the other for very long, no matter how many crossovers, reboots and gay weddings they hold. In Sumkid101‘s film on this very topic, Iron Man has a run-in with bird crap and then crashes lands into what seems like a Justice League safehouse, where Supes is quick to make a point that doesn’t do Batman any, well, justice.
There are other Marvel vs. DC-inspired brickfilms, but this one gets right to the punchline.

7) Spider-Man: The Peril of Doc Ock

Taking cues from the best action of Spider-Man 2, Spite Your Face Productions offers a fun re-imagining of Spidey battling Doctor Octopus. In this case, Doc Ock is once again terrorizing Manhattan, forcing Peter Parker to swing into action at a moment’s notice. Their fight, of course, tears up the city, and (semi-spoiler!) it ends with the villain on the wrong of a fishing pole.
Overall, the elements of a good brickfilm are here: appropriate music, accurate costumes, fluid character movements and an expansive set design, not too mention a lot of action. While all the films on this list are great, this one’s more appropriate for younger viewers.

6) Lego Spider-Man Episode IV: The Origin of Ghost Rider

The Nic Cage/Ghost Rider pales in comparison to the Ghost Rider of CustomLegoMinifigure‘s origin story. He exchanges his soul for a banana, kills and robs his father, burns a one-night stand and gives God the penance stare. Never mind Spider-Man. Suffice it to say that this Johnny Blaze is a Spirit of Awkward Vengeance and then some.
Unlike any Ghost Rider origin you’ve ever seen, the film’s ridiculous story counterbalances its mediocre voice acting and character movements.


5) Meeting of the Villains

What happens when you put Two-Face, Joker and Doctor Octopus in a room with the likes of Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Killer Croc? Nothing earth-shattering. These guys do more harm than to each other than the universe as they exchange stories of villainy, underscoring the ever-present gimmick of crossovers. “Meeting of the Villains” is another example of Keshen8‘s talent in brickfilmmaking. He has a knack for taking a defining feature of a character and prodding it, as shown in his films on Captain America, Batman and others.

4) It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!

For a parody on Skyrim‘s “Fus Ro Dah,” ZachMG got a shout-out in TR‘s previous best Brickfilms list. He gets another one today. “It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane!” takes a jab at the campiest phrase in Superman’s history, showing us a smartass who says what few people will say. Indeed, he has balls of steel.

3) The Lego Batman, Spider-Man and Superman Movie

ForrestFire Films is the go-to guy for Lego Batman films, having created more than 30 in the last five years. You can’t miss this one (and you probably haven’t seeing as over 8 million people have watched it). In “The Lego Batman, Spider-Man and Superman Movie,” Batman opens his mansion to Supes and Spider-Man, both of whom are powerless against layoffs at their respective newspapers. Their unemployment almost breaks the Dark Knight, while Joker, Lex Luthor and Green Goblin scheme to take over Gotham. In the end, someone rises. Get it?

2) Lego Captain America

Courtesy of the prolific and hilarious company (and previously mentioned) ForrestFire Films, this parody shows the superhero’s spilling lots of Nazi blood. We have here a brick-by-brick massacre, a montage of Captain ‘Merica being more badass than all the The Expendables combined. Technically, it’s a riff on the Captain America: The First Avenger movie, but that’s a riff on comics. You already knew that.

1) Meeting of the Heroes

There’s no reason to make a joke about this one… this one’s full of them, and they’re terribly inappropriate, yet fitting for the (super)heroes in question. (Two words: Dick joke.) Like “Meeting of the Villains,” the film centers on a room full of heroes, including Luke Skywalker, Wolverine, Master Chief and Indiana Jones. They can’t seem to accomplish anything, though.
With more than four million views, “Meeting of the Heroes” is one of the most enjoyed brickfilms about comics on the internet, mocking a wide spectrum of popular heroes in a staggeringly short amount of time. It’s like Robot Chicken, cooked differently.