And Here’s the Comics News Marvel Is Spoiling Today


The Washington Post is reporting something that happens in Ultimate Comics Ultimates #15, which comes out tomorrow. So… spoiler warning, obviously. For the record, this news is more genuinely newsworthy than last week’s “news”/spoiler, but also much, much goofier. It’s also after the jump.

Ultimates issue 16.jpeg

Ultimate Captain America has accepted the position of President of the Ultimate United States. 

This is a real thing that’s happening in a comic being released tomorrow, in 2012, and somehow not a DC comic from 1968 or something. 
I have no idea of the circumstances leading Cap to get nominated or his acceptance, and I don’t care to, because this just sounds really, really dumb. If it ends up being the best story ever, please let me know, and maybe I’ll give it a try, but… christ. Even Ultimate Cap-Wolf would be better than this. Oh, it’d be just as dumb, but at least it’d be fun.
For the record, I appreciate how Marvel is trying to get new readers by getting these announcements in mainstream publications, but are these not at the expense of actual comics readers? Hell, even if fans don’t read the papers themselves, the nerdernet picks it up and eventually some site spills the beans, and the spoiler is spoiled unless the fans simply refuse to go on the internet from like Monday until they pick up their issues. I don’t know what the solution is here, but surely there are other ways to attract new readers that aren’t at the expense of the current ones. (Via Newsarama)