DVD Day: September 25th, 2012


? Avengers

Have any of you guys heard of this? Is it any good?
I know I’ve given this thing a lot of shit, but I’m reading a lot of reviews that DC/WB changed a lot from the graphic novel for no discernable reason. Can anyone confirm/deny?
The CG sequel to that other CG Resident Evil direct-to-DVD movie. Starring Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong, for whatever that’s worth.
Includes the awesome episodes with Beta Ray Bill, Power Man and Iron Fist and the Guardians of the Galaxy, among others.
All six movies on two Blu-rays. See a small child put in constant, intense danger in the HD it deserves!
Our 32nd president fights Nazi werewolves in his weapons-laden wheelchair. Go watch the trailer here, then watch the movie. Honestly, if it weren’t for Avengers, this would be the best DVD released today.
I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but if you’re only going to watch one of these werewolf movies, you want to watch the one where the old man with polio fights them and not the young, hot strippers.
On Blu-ray. More like “the complete series” but oh well. The second s1 DVD volume also comes out today.
Topless Roboteer John Kent produced this horror about flick about a retired police detective who investigates a couple of disappearances in a small town where… well, as you can probably guess, it doesn’t go well. Check it out, won’t you?