DVD Day: September 4th, 2012


? Fringe: The Complete Fourth Season

With only a shortened fifth season left to go, there’s no real use in me begging you to watch it. Good stuff, though.
On Blu-ray!
The completely insane 31-disc collection containing all the Blu-rays and DVDs. It costs $345, which is a great deal…. assuming you don’t already own all of these and want all the movies in two more or less redundant formats.
The first Piranha movie was a super guilty pleasure, and by all accounts the sequel is the first movie without the class. I merely point it out because since regular DVD can’t do 3-D, the movie’s title has been changed to the totally incomprehensible Piranha DD for that release. That’s dumb.
A cheesy early ’80s sci-fi flick which I haven’t seen, shockingly. Starring Barry Bostwick.
Introducing the beloved fifth turtle, Venus de Milo! And it’s still better than the TMNT movie Bay was gonna make.
Including The Mummy, The Wolf Man, The Invisible Man and Phantom of the Opera for $18. That’s a hell of a lot of classic horror movies goodness.
A movie about the religious controversy caused by Monty Python’s Life of Brian movie. Not a documentary, it’s a docudramas — co-written by Stephen Fry. Apparently Python Terry Jones thinks it’s brilliant. Yeah, I’m watching this ASAP.