Fox Just Handed the Marvel Keys to Mark Millar


LOS ANGELES, CA. – September 27, 2012…. Marking an expanded commitment to some of its most important franchises, Twentieth Century Fox has brought on comics superstar Mark Millar to serve as a creative consultant on the studio’s upcoming projects based on Marvel Comics properties.
… Millar will work with Fox on developing new avenues for its “X-Men” and “Fantastic Four” tentpoles. 
Commented TCF production president Emma Watts: “We are excited to be working with Mark. In addition to his groundbreaking Marvel work, he is simply one of the most original voices in comics today and will be an invaluable resource to us and to our filmmakers as we look for fresh opportunities to innovate within our shared Marvel universe.”
I honestly have no idea how to feel about this. On the plus side, Millar and Marvel get along rather well together, and if there’s anyone who could and would convince Fox to join up with the cinematic Marvel movie-verse, it would be Millar. The potential benefits of that for Fox, Marvel, the movies, fans everybody — are just staggering.
On the other hand… I have a hard time imagining Mark Millar can get to the core of beloved Marvel characters like the Fantastic Four and present them in a way that is appeals to mass audiences and fans alike. Normally he just makes them huge dicks. Which is fine when it’s an Elseworlds/What If tale like his Ultimates comics, but feel incredibly wrong when its supposed to be the real deal (i.e., all the superdickery in Civil War). 
If I had to guess how this will turn out, I’d have to put my money on the latter, because it’ll be tough for Millar to convince Fox executives to play nice and itll be incredibly easy for Millar to write a scene where Mr. Fantastic sexually assaults Sue from his lab on the other side of the building. And if I put this scene in Millar’s head, you have my utmost apologies. Thanks to Peter A. for the tip.