Geek Apparel of the Week: Mother Puss Bucket, Adventure On, Calvin the Spiffy Spaceman

staydownpuft ProductLRG.jpeg

? Not what you were expecting when you saw a shirt titled “Mother Puss Bucket,” were you? It’s $12 at Nowhere Bad for the next 20 hours or so.

ADVENTURE ON 1000x500.jpeg

? Yeah, yeah, you’re all sick and tired of the “Keep Calm” shirts, but I’m currently mainlining Adventure Time episodes and I thought it was cute, so shut up. It’s $15 at FSC Tees for the next three days.


? Last and certainly not least: How fucking awesome is this Calvin and Hobbes-inspired shirt, huh? THERE’S A TIGER WEARING A SPACE HELMET, FOR FUCK’S SAKE. It’s $10 at ShirtPunch for the next 9 hours only, so don’t dawdle if you want it!