It Is Truly the End of Times, as Sony Decides It’s Going to Reboot Manimal

From THR:

Sony Pictures Animation has picked up the movie rights to Manimal, a short-lived 1983 NBC series, and is developing the project as a live action/CG hybrid film.
Manimal followed Dr. Jonathan Chase, a wealthy doctor with a mysterious past, who morphed into animals in order to help the police fight crime.
The show, which starred Brit Simon MacCorkindale and Melody Anderson (who played Dale Arden in the 1980 movie Flash Gordon), was slaughtered by critics and trounced when it aired in 1983 opposite Dallas, then a ratings juggernaut. It was canceled after just eight episodes.
Please read that last line again: It was canceled after just eight episodes. Sony is making a movie — an actual, going to theaters movie — based on a TV series canceled in 1983 that only aired eight episodes. About a guy who turned into animals.
I was going to rail about the creative bankruptcy of Hollywood, but honestly, the fact that Sony is trying to reboot Manimal is so insane I’m actually kind of impressed. It’s like the difference between a regular murderer and a serial killer who turns the flesh of his victims into furniture and upholstery. Sure, they’re both insane and evil, but one of them is putting a lot more effort into it than the other.