Let’s All Bitch About Organic Webshooters Again

One of the ComicBookMovie guys claims to have found this early Sony promotional video for Spider-Man in which Tobey Maguire appears to be wearing homemade webshooters — and not the organic webshooters that he actually sported in the film. This change tore the nerd world apart in 2001, with many claiming it was completely absurd that a radioactive spider could give a teen the ability to shoot webs out of his wrists, although the ability to climb walls, increased strength and basic precognition was imminently reasonable. Anyways, I don’t think this video is real — I can’t really imagine a point where Sam Raimi would have shot a bunch of Tobey Maguire close-ups and had a bunch of the webslinging special effects ready, but not any shots of the other actors, fight scenes, or anything else — but just in case, here it is. For my money, I never gave a shit. Organic, hand-made, whatever. I’m infinitely more perturbed about Peter Parker Sk8er Boi. (Via Blastr)