Oh @#$% They’re Trying to Make Another Wonder Woman TV Show

wonder woman funny face.jpeg

Speaking of DC superheroes, television, and bad ideas: Vulture reports that The CW is hard at work on another attempt to bring Wonder Woman to TV screens, after the total botch-job that was David E. Kelley’s pilot. There are a few key difference in this newer version, though:

? The show will apparently be an origin series a la Smallville.
? It will be titled Amazon.
? It will be partially developed by Allan Heinberg, creator of The O.C. TV series and Marvel’s Young Avengers comics.
So… huh. Allan Heinberg seems like a good choice to develop the series, and I like the idea of a fresh-out-of-Themiscyra Wonder Woman seeing the modern world for the first time, in the sense that it worked wonderfully in DC’s animated WW movie. On the other hand, an entire TV series about WW sloooooowly figuring out the world of man could get really boring and awful (not to mention preachy). It really doesn’t matter, though, because this is DC, Warner Bros. and Wonder Woman we’re talking about here. The chances of this ever making it to air are about 1 in 100, and the chances of it being any good are about the same. These people didn’t have the faintest clue what they were doing last year, and I don’t know what’s changed to make them think they have the faintest clue what they’re doing now.