Seriously, What the @#$% Is Happening with Dark Knight Returns

As we’ve previously discussed whenever DC/WB releases a new clip from their direct-to-DVD Dark Knight Returns animated adaptation:

1) It looks nothing like Frank Miller’s seminal comic; it looks like an episode of Batman: TAS where Batman is wider for some reason.
2) Peter Weller sounds nothing like the extremely displeased Batman of the comic. He sounds like he’s been gassed in preparation for oral surgery or something. Or maybe he thinks he’s playing Robocop. Either way, he has absolutely no emotion in his voice.
And now there’s this:

They’re just making up shit now, and when I say “making shit up” I mean “adapting minor scenes from the comics into scenes that are directly ripped off from Batman Begins.” Yes, Batman uses some fear gas on a few of Two-Face’s thugs in the comic, but there are precisely zero panels of what the thugs see, and now it’s somehow transformed a full minute of footage or a movie that’s only 76 minutes long. Again, I’m just baffled. Why? Did Bruce Timm lose a bet or something? (Via Comics Alliance)