So Japan Is Making a Fantasy Anime About the Old Nintendo-Sega Console Wars


Seriously. Apparently there’s a manga called Aoi Sekai no Ch?shin de, about the land of Consume and the war between the Segua Kingdom and the Ninterudo Empire, and now its going to be an anime. ANN says of the plat: “Segua now finds itself on the defensive, but an unlikely hero has risen in the form of Gear, a boy who brags about his breakneck speed. Gear helps turn the tide of the war.” Gear is obviously Sonic (spelled phonetically as Gia in the image above), and as you see, this is totally bonkers. That’s clearly Mario as the dictator-ish Marcse, Luigi as Greege, Kirby as Carwai, Samus as Saroid, Pikachu as Pirika — I can’t decide who the Sega characters are, but I’m hoping you’ll help in the comments. Because this is pretty much the awesomest thing I’ve ever heard of. Thanks to Kevin L. for the tip!