STYNK*: Dr. Strange, Transformers 4, SHIELD, Shatner, Etc.


? Pictured right: File under “Thing Ms. Robot Will Never Let Me Do If I Ever Knock Her Up.” (Via Fashionably Geek)

? Marvel says Viggo Mortensen will not be Dr. Strange in Thor 2, but doesn’t deny Dr. Strange may be in Thor 2. Can I just throw out a name here? Guy Pearce. (Via Collider)
? Hasbro has announced that Transformers 4, due out in 2014, will feature new robots. This boggles me, as it was Michael Bay’s rich characterization that brought these lovable robots to life, and made the movies box office smashes. Who can forget Optimus Prime? Bumblebee and his speech impediment and weak bladder? The racist ones? The one with testicles? The slutty one who enrolled in college on the mere chance Shia the Beef might attend there and he’d suddenly have some kind of information the Decepticons needed? We love these characters, because we see so much of ourselves in them. Please reconsider, Hasbro. (Via ToyNewsI)
? William Shatner is making a documentary about Xena: Warrior Princess and its fandom. I love Shatner, but there is absolutely no way this is going to end well. (Via The Mary Sue)
? The 300 prequel Battle of Artemisa has been retitled 300: Rise of an Empire, in case you thought you couldn’t be less interested in seeing it. (Via First Showing)
? Here’s a video of New Super Mario Bros. Land U, if you’re interested. In case you thought I couldn’t say anything nice about Nintendo, NSMBLU has a world map again. That’s cool. 
?  For the hundred or so Topless Robot readers who are intrigued by anime news but not into it enough to go to a hardcore anime news site, CLAMP’s popular manga Xxxholic is going to be a live-action series (note: there is nothing pornographic about it, alas). I enjoyed the manga a great deal — it’s certainly my favorite CLAMP series — but I’m mostly wondering if they’ll try to do the Tsubasa crossovers/references or just skip them. Skip them, probably. (Via Japanator)
? Meanwhile, Joss Whedon says the SHIELD TV series will feature all new characters. GODDAMN YOU WHEDON YOU FUCKING HIRE CLARK GREGG RIGHT NOW (Via /Film)