The Avengers Initiative Is All About Giving the Hulk Pants, Apparently

I don’t know why Marvel refuses to give us a decent next-gen Avengers videogame that doesn’t require people to use motion controls, but here’s how they’re spending their time instead of making one — on a cellphone game. Avengers Initiative is pretty much the plot of Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes — supervillains break out of super-jail — with Infinity Blade‘s touchscreen fighting gameplay. Oh, and the first installment is solely about the Hulk, while Captain America, Iron Man and Thor will get their own installments down the road. Also, the Hulk is wearing pants, which is easily the most unsettlingly part of all this. Still, I can’t pretend I’m not going to buy this thing, if only because it still looks better than the WiiU/Kinect nonsense. (Via Kotaku)