The Wonderful 101 Is Genuinely Pretty Wonderful

All right, people certain that I’m busy planning some kind of long-term smear campaign against Nintendo which possibly ends in the assassination of Shigeru Miyamoto. Dig on this — I mentioned that The Wonderful 101 looked pretty good in the WiiU Games Montage video from last week, and now that I’ve seen the game’s individual preview, I would like to amend my assessment to “great.” This game looks like a ton of fun, and wacky, and interesting. I’ll even go out on a ledge and maybe say the WiiU controller could be potentially very useful for it — it appears you can and have to configure the team in a bunch of different ways, which is probably easier to manage on a tablet-sized touchscreen. I don’t know if that will be the case, at all, but I do see the potential there. 

So there. I’m not absolutely shutting my mind to the possibilities of the WiiU, it’s just I was waiting for a game that seemed like it might use the WiiU controller in a genuinely useful way, not just because it was there. Using the controller to form my legion of heroes into a variety of shapes and weapons and tools? That sounds fun. Using the WiiU controller to manage inventory when I could do the same thing more efficiently on screen with a regular controller? That does not sound fun. Just sayin’.