Thor 2 May Be Strange-er Than Expected


Rumor has it that Dr. Strange will make his Marvel movie-verse debut in Thor 2: The Dark World (or, thanks to the terrible new Star Trek movie title that has me taking colons out of movie titles, Thor 2 the Dark World). Normally I wouldn’t post about something this seemingly unlikely, but his rumor comes from a dude named Roger Wardell who apparently has an excellent track record with inside Marvel movie info (according to /Film and others), so…. maybe? The other part of the rumors is that Marvel is in talks with Viggo The Carpathian Mortensen play the good Sorcerer Supreme.

Two thoughts: 1) I have absolutely no clue what Dr. Strange would be doing in a Thor movie. Fixing Mjolnir, I guess? Any other ideas? 2) I’m not thrilled by the potential casting of Viggo. He’s too physically intimidating and weathered to match my idea of the dark, mysterious doctor/magician. It’s hard to look brooding and thoughtful when you look like you’re going to beat the shit out of someone with a baseball bat at any moment.