Wizards Vs. Aliens Looks Just as Breathtakingly Original as Its Title Suggests

Creator of nu-Who Russel T. Davies’ new show, Wizards Vs, Aliens — which is about wizards fighting aliens, in case you’re a bit confused — finally has a bit of footage out. Two things: 1) This is very much a kids show, perhaps even more than Doctor Who, so we should probably grade on a curve, and 2) half of this trailer is for a second show titled Wolfsblood, and I neither know nor care where the split is. The sad truth is, despite my lack of interest in Harry Potter and Harry Potter-ish things, I’ll be watching every episode of this. Why? BECAUSE BRIAN BLESSED IS IN IT PLAYING A CHARACTER NAMED THE NEKROSS KING. Which is probably a character’s name, but might just be the only title Blessed responds to nowadays. Hell, I’d call him the Nekross King if he told me to. (Via io9)