You Can’t Take the Sky or the Massive Firefly Companion Book from Me

Firefly packshot.jpg

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel like a few fo you guys may be Firefly fans. So I felt you’d probably want to know that Titan is releasing a collection of all three of its Firefly Companion books in one hardcover, faux-leather-bound volume, containing the show’s scripts, rare production and behind-the-scenes photos, looks at props and costumes, interviews with cast and crew, and even fiction from the show’s writers. Plus, this special version will come with nine portrait photos of each of the cast members, as well as a replica of one of the banknotes from the show. At $33, it’s not a bad deal even if you’ve already bought the official companions already (well, as least if you have a hardcover book fetish like I do). It’s due out on October 2nd