A Few More Disney/LucasFilm Notes

? One thing I forgot when I mentioned the possibility of getting the original Original Trilogy on Blu-ray is that Fox has the home video distribution rights to all five of Star Wars movies for a while, specifically until 2020. What I didn’t know is that Fox owns the home video rights to the original Star Wars forever. In perpetuity.

There’s a lot of possibilities here, not all of them bad. First off, there’s nothing stopping Fox from releasing their own pre-Special Edition set now that Lucas has stepped down (I don’t care who makes it, I just want it). Second, this isn’t really an issue until 2020, unless you really, really want to own Star Wars Episodes 1-9 in one set when it becomes available. Third, it only get weird in 2020 when Disney owns the rights to all the SW flicks except A New Hope, but I’m not worried: There’s just too much damn money at stake for Disney and Fox not to come to an agreement of some sort. I doubt Fox will sell Disney the rights outright — it’s going to be a cash cow until the end of time — but neither will they refuse a deal forcing Disney to release a box set with Episodes I-III and V-IX. (Via /Film)
? I was so excited about the Star Wars shit that I totally forgot to mention that the deal includes all of LucasFilm’s properties, including their part of Indiana Jones (although Paramount still has a controlling interest). By all accounts, Disney is only worried about Star Wars at this point. Although this does open up the possibility for that epic Avengers/Howard the Duck crossover we’ve all been dreaming of.
? I don’t know what Lucas’ treatment for Episode VII is, but I’m dead certain it can’t possibility be better than the trailer NMA just made for it. Anyone else hungry for ice cream? Infinite thanks to Jamet B. for the tip.