DVD Day: October 30th, 2012


It is admittedly a slow DVD Day. However, if you’re in the mood for an excellently animated and incredibly violent anime, you could do a lot worse than this infinitely more accurate adaptation of the Hellsing manga.
The one about the guy from The League who puts up a classified ad for someone  to time travel with him which is answered by journalist Aubrey Plaza.
Includes the beginning of the Water 7 arc.
On Blu-ray, so that’s something.
I’ve decided I liked Chuck a lot more in theory than in practice. 
Yes, it’s a direct-to-DVD sequel to the holiday classic. I bring this up only because it is a virulent, hateful atrocity against god and man, and all DVD copies of it should be burned, buried and then the ground sown with salt to ensure nothing ever grows there. We should tell our children this the land contains a great evil, and they should never go near the place lest the Devil take their souls. Don’t believe me?
Satan is real, and he greenlit this disaster.