DVD Day: October 9th, 2012


? Prometheus

What more need be said? Nothing, I hope. I’m sick of talking about it.
The beloved movie about a scrotum-shaped alien who dresses in women’s clothes, makes a young boy deathly ill, and then tries to abduct him finally comes to Blu-ray. Yay.
Not nerdy but too great a show not to mention.
Comes with the original movie and the “director’s cut,” which features a 20-minute alternate ending. Huh.
The one where Edgar Allen Poe solves crimes instead of, you know, drinking a lot and marrying his underage cousin.
Universal’s direct-to-DVD “reimagining” of The Wolf Man. I can’t imagine that it’s any good, but someone let me know if it’s not completely terrible, please.
I assume if you caught it on Toonami you might want to own it. Assuming you didn’t download it illegally years ago.
Order now and it comes with a free rape rack replica!