Even When She Left Hoth, Princess Leia Was Still Surrounded by Snow


I don’t know how many of you feel the Star Wars universe hasn’t quite been ruined for you yet, but for those few people: Carrie Fisher balanced her time making Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi with doing mountains and mountains of cocaine, so much so that someone finally noticed that she has an actual coke nail visible in some of her scenes (as highlighted above). A coke nail, for you non-cocaine enthusiasts, is the extended fingernail folks use to scoop sniffable portions of cocaine, or “blow,” up their nose. So now, instead of eking out whatever pleasure can still be found in ESB and RotJ, you’ll spend your time looking for Princess Leia’s coke nail. Unless, of course, you can manage to convince yourself that having a single extended fingernail covered in white powder is some sort of Alderaan fashion statement. (Via FilmDrunk)