Firefly: The Animated Series Is A Thing That Isn’t Even Close to Happening But You Might as Well Get Excited About Anyways

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From The AV Club:

This weekend saw New York’s own Comic-Con, and as it wouldn’t be a Comic-Con without someone showing up to stoke anticipation of an unlikely Firefly revival, the cast reunited to do just that. “If we’re dreaming, tell me what you think about this: Firefly: The Animated Series,” Nathan Fillion said before a room packed with Firefly fans, no doubt feeding on the resultant gasps and applause and tears to grow several inches taller, as his cells absorbed the energy of all that frustrated yearning. After the panel, co-star Sean Maher took it one step further by telling the New York Post that he knows “somebody who is actually trying to get that done, who has approached Joss [Whedon] about it,” adding that this person “used to work with Guillermo del Toro” and also lives in Canada, you wouldn’t know him. 

I would love to tell you not to get your hopes up, but I imagine most of you stopped reading this about 100 words ago and are currently bouncing around the room in joy. If you do return to the computer screen, please note whoever this mystery person is, it’s not Joss Whedon; we have no clue how much or little influence this third party has, or even if he has a feasible plan. It could be some intensely powerful Hollywood producer, or it could be the bum who sleeps underneath Joss Whedon’s car when it’s parked at the Marvel Studios lot. There’s just no telling… for now.