Geek Apparel of the Week: Sesame Six, Snake Plisskin’s Tank Top, More Geek Jerseys

seasame six better.jpg

? A cute Fantastic Four #1 cover/Sesame Street mash-up, but I take umbrage that Elmo’s included instead of the infinitely mor appropriate (and awesome) Super Grover. It’s $12 at Nowhere Bad.


? I never realized Snake Plisskin’s tank top in Escape from New York has two completely superfluous zipper at the shoulders, but Found Item Clothing did, and have made the first screen accurate replica of Snake’s very, very strange apparel. It’s only $21 here.


? Dave of Dave’s Geeky Jerseys is back with a new awesome SNES-inspired hockey jersey (and he’s taking pre-orders again for a new batch of TARDIS and Hyrule-inspired jerseys, too). Remember, these things are expensive but they’re gorgeous — from one who knows. Get more info and then pre-order ’em here!