Here’s a New Assassin’s Creed III Video That Isn’t Entirely Gratuitous

I’ve been posting a lot of Assassin’s Creed III videos over the last few weeks, but I’ll be the first to admit not all of them were actually that revelatory regarding the game. In fact, I posted several of them merely because I’m excited about it. But not today! Today I have a video explaining the game’s new multiplayer modes, in which… uh… you basically kill people in a variety of manners, just like the single player game. But there’s also co-op and team multiplayer! …although that’s something many, many other games have had. All right. But you can choose your character’s abilities and perks, which… okay, that’s been done before in other games too. But it’s all new to AssCreed! That counts for something, right? I… um. Maybe I should go look through my news feed again.