Merle Just Wants Andrea to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

This is a clip from this upcoming Sunday’s The Walking Dead, which might be considered a spoiler unless you saw the preview at the end of last Sunday’s episode. Besides, the announcement that Merle was coming back for season 3 has been out there for quite a while, I’m not going to worry about it. Anyways, it appears Merle is escorting Michonne and the still quite sick Andrea into Woodbury — such a gentleman, that Merle! — where I’m sure they’ll be safe and everything will go just great. 

Normally, this would be the spot where I’d say how I hope that the writers will give Michael Rooker/Merle more to do than just be racist, but after these last two stellar episodes, I think we’re going to be okay. Seriously, the show looks like it’s becoming as good as we all knew it could be if it would just stop showing lengthy, boring conversations where nobody reveals anything new or interesting. Hell, I’m beginning to feel sorry for Lori now, and that’s a goddamn TV miracle. I sincerely hope they can keep it up. (Via Blastr)