Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Neon Genesis Evangelion Headphones

STJT headphones.jpg

Each Wednesday, Rob brings you the latest and greatest Super Terrific Japanese Things. Most of these involve delightful perversities that make you release an audible “BAH!” while you race to clear the screen before your co-workers see what you are looking at. But the truth is that I’m just the substitute teacher here today, and because STJT is usually Rob’s domain this week’s item is something simple, ordinary and safe for work. Above you see two pairs of limited-edition headphones inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion. Not as delicious as sparkling wine or as strange as this humidifier, this Evangelion product is nevertheless worthy of you adoration. Each pair of these foldable headphones will cost you $94 from Japan Trend Shop, a small price to pay to show your devotion to the franchise its wonderfully fucked-up characters.

As for those of you who are bummed by the complete lack of depravity that this week’s featured item possesses, you’ll be pleased to know that Rob will be back for all of your ona-hole and disturbingly sexy foreign foodstuff needs next week.