The Dark Knight Never Really Left, So Whether He Can Return Again Is a Matter of Semantics

If you’re one of the people who enjoyed volume one of DC’s direct-to-DVD animation adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns, well… you confuse me. But I still have some good news for you, because DC/WB Animation just released a new trailer for Part 2! First off, this is the first time I’ve heard Michael Emerson’s performance as the Joker, which I feel is odd, but not necessarily bad. It’s very different, but I’m not opposed to different — I’m opposed to bad, like Peter Weller’s Batman voice. Who, by the way, has apparently gone from “bored” in Part 1 to “slightly inebriated small town motivational speaker,” judging by his cries to the Sons of Batman in this video. Seriously, he’s just awful. Unfortunately, for all my bitching, I still got a total nerd boner when I saw the Superman/Batman DKR fight animated in this thing, so I know I’m going to have to watch this at some point anyways. Sigh. Here’s hoping DC/WB hires someone more appropriate for the inevitable All-Star Batman and Robin animated feature, like Mickey Rourke or a bear on PCP. (Via ToyNewsI)