The Family Circus Movie Is a Thing That Is Happening

Family Circus.jpg

Sigh. From Variety:

Fox and Walden Media are running away with “Family Circus,” hiring the writing team of Nichole Millard and Kathryn Price to adapt the comicstrip as a live action project.

“Family Circus” has been in development since 2010, when Fox and Walden picked up the feature rights and set up the project with Jon Baldecchi and Stacy Maes.

Bil Keane debuted the comicstrip in 1960 that was based on his own family. In recent years, the strip has been drawn by Bill’s son Jeff Keane.

The daily strip, syndicated to 1,500 newspapers, consists of a single captioned panel with a round border. The “Family Circus” books have sold over 13 million copies, and more than 60 collections of the cartoons have been published.

There’s no word as of it whether or not The Family Circus film will examine the weirder aspects of the strip, like the fact that the family regularly communicates with the dead and the kids are constantly being blamed for the actions of an Aswang-like creature known only as “Not Me.” The good news is that this is only in pre-production so lots got could wrong before we are subjected to seeing PJ and Dolly’s cabbage heads in soul-sucking 3D CGI. 

If there are any ancient Mayans out there reading this, right now would be a perfect time to follow through on that apocalypse promise.