The Magnificence of the WiiU Controller in Action

Look. I’m not purposely trying to rile up the Nintendo fans. I genuinely think people want to know how the WiiU controller will be used in WiiU games, especially Ubisoft’s ZombiU. Destructoid says this preview video was “designed to demonstrate the more gimmicky gameplay features, [in which]you’ll get a taste of how you need to use the gamepad to get around Olde London Towne.” I have no reason to suspect they’re lying,

So how is the WiiU gamepad used? 1) Sniping, 2) Unlocking Minigames, 3) Scanning Things, and 4) Inventory Management (as seen in previous videos). Now, if looking down at the the WiiU controller screen to do these things which have traditionally been done on the regular game screen strikes you as a brilliant revolution in gaming, more power to you. I’m not going to say anything shitty, but I honestly don’t see how this improves the gaming experience. It’s just… different. Not worse (okay, the inventory stuff will probably get annoying, depending on how much inventory there is), just… different. I am open to all thoughts and arguments on the matter in the comments.