The WIIU’s First Commercial Isn’t Helping

England appears to have gotten the first commercial for Nintendo’s new WiiU console, and… well, let’s just say it hasn’t really quelled any of my misgivings about it (not that I really expected it to). It did bring up one new problem that I hadn’t been aware off — that you can continue playing games on the controller while someone else is watching TV. So basically, the WiiU is a console that allows my significant other the moral authority to kick me off my 50-inch plasma TV whenever she wants? Not cool, Nintendo. If I wanted to play videogames on a small, handheld screen I’d buy a goddamn 3DS. Also, here’s a tip: If you want your new console to sound appealing to adults, try not to have the announcer yell “Pyew pyew pyew pyew!” in the advertisement for it.(Via Kotaku)