TR Contest: How Your Nerdiness Has Screwed Up Your Love Life

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It’s storytime again for this week’s contest, and once again I want you to mine your personal shame for the potential of winning a Topless Robot shirt. So here’s what you have to do — tell me about how your nerdiness has interfered with your love life. Did your girlfriend leave you because you loved your Batman comic collection more than her? Have you ever opted to watch the Doctor Who finale instead of getting laid?  Has your wife or husband asked for a divorce because of a real-life Collection Intervention gone wrong? I am looking for painful, funny and downright humiliating stories about how your geekiness has worked against you in the romance department.

Pretty simple, right? Here’s the catch: You must keep your stories short. I’m talking a paragraph or less here. The longer your story, the less chance you have of claiming a prize. I realize that these are extremely personal revelations I’m asking for here, but there’s no reason why you can’t keep your recollections brief. You have until 12:01 am EST on Monday, October 22 to enter. Good luck, loveless nerds!