Ubisoft Is Clearly Tired of People Saying AssCreed 3 Is Too Pro-American


You think Assassin’s Creed III is too biased towards the American side of the Revolutionary War (or at least promoted as being too pro-America)? Well, Ubisoft would like to retort, and that retort is “Go kill King Washington.” The game will feature a 3-part DLC saga called “The Tyranny of King Washington,” an alternate history in which George snaps, takes over the country and declares himself king. You might think it’s a cop-out for this to be DLC, or for it to be an alt-history, but I am totally, totally in love with this whole concept. The season pass for this thing is $30, but also includes some kind of multiplayer thing. I don’t care about the multiplayer, but I’ll happily pay $30 for the chance to assassinate an evil George Washington. Look at him! On his throne! He’s so evil! He will chop down all the cherry trees, and then piss on them! Well done, Ubisoft.Well done indeed. And thanks to SlyDante for the tip. (Via Joystiq)