Videogame Trailer Trifecta: Hitman Absolution, Anarchy Reigns, Apotheon

? Turns out ol’ Agent 47 has more than three-piece suits in his closet. I normally wouldn’t post something as simple as a bonus outfits trailer, but Hitman: Absolution says you’ll use these disguises to hide in plain sight and help achieve your assassinations, so that’s fun. I really, really hope the squirrel suit is for when you have to go undercover in a furry convention.

? If you’d forgotten about Platinum Games’ free online brawler Anarchy Reigns, it’ll be out in North America on January 8th. Here’s a trailer.
? WARNING: If you are any kind of a Classics nerd, DO NOT WATCH  this trailer for the 2-D platform game Apotheon without taking your pants off first, because otherwise IT WILL BLOW THEM RIGHT OFF YOU. I still can’t find my jeans; they may have actually disintegrated. Infinite thanks to SlyDante for the tips!