X-Men: Days of Directors Past


Matthew Vaughn, who did a fine job with X-Men: First Class and was expected to helm the sequel (subtitled Days of Future Past) has dropped out of the project. Everybody’s freaking out, although I didn’t First Class was so brilliantly executed that I’m going to lose sleep over the loss. The rumor is that Bryan Singer will take over, because Bryan Singer is always rumored to take over for any X-Men movie, by law. I’d prefer Vaughn over Singer, just because I’d love to see an X-Men movie that didn’t have Magneto in it, but this probably won’t happen in my lifetime anyways. (Via EW)

In other X-news, apparently The Wolverine is set after X-3, which… I thought we already knew. Did we think it was set in the ’80s for some reason? Did they announce that, or did we just assume it because the Frank Miller comics it’s based on were made in the ’80s? Anyways, this supposedly explains why Jean Grey will be stopping by, although the idea of her coming back from the dead in the movie already annoys the shit out of me, even though it’ll technically be the first time in that medium. COMIC JEAN GREY YOU RUINED RESURRECTION FOR EVERYBODY. (Via Coming Soon)