9 Awesome 8-Bit Video Game Posters

Nate Duvall/Gallery 1988: Melrose
Obey Wario.

Gallery 1988: Melrose in Santa Monica, California played host to “Multiplayer x2,” featuring the pixelated posters of more than 30 artists riffing on Golden Age video games. It was a follow-up to 2011’s “Multiplayer” show at Gallery 1988: Venice. The show ran from February 10 through March 3. 2012.

Below, some of our favorite prints from the show, courtesy of the folks over at Gallery 1988.

Ibraheem Youssef/Gallery 1988

Back when two buttons was all you needed.

Alan Hynes/Gallery 1988

You are never, ever going to make it.

James Flames/Gallery 1988

It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.

DKNG Studios/Gallery 1988

The eternal battles.

Jason Liwag/Gallery 1988

Learning our letters in a whole new way.

Todd Slater/Gallery 1988

Donkey Kong kaleidoscoping out in every direction.

Ryan Brinkerhoff/Gallery 1988

A shout-out to the underappreciated Link’s Awakening.

Rhys Cooper/Gallery 1988

Billy and Jimmy Lee: two of the baddest dudes to ever sport bouffants.

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