Clearly R2-D2 Can’t Hold His Liquor

The Conan show has posted another one of their phony audition tapes from directors who are vying to helm Episode VII. We saw one of these that was a journey into hell on Friday, but this one that shows what a Todd Phillips-directed Star Wars flick would be like is funny rather than stomach churning. Ever wonder what would happen if Luke, the droids, Chewie and Yoda found themselves in The Hangover? The answer probably includes a lot more vomiting and horny Jedi masters that you’d think.

For those prefer a more precious take on life in a galaxy far, far away, Conan has this look at Wes Anderson’s Star Wars for you. (It replaces galactic battle sequences with scenes of dysfunctional characters sitting around being twee, obviously). Note to Hollywood – cast Jason Schwartzman as Han Solo and Owen Wilson as Chewie and you’ve got a recipe for box office gold.