The Amazing Spider-Man Blu-Ray Has an Amazingly Dull Vague Hint About ASM2

Director Mark Webb has revealed the location of two mind-boggling Easter Eggs which can be found in tomorrow’s release of The Amazing Spider-Man Blu-ray and DVD. If you don’t want to have to sit through the interview, here’s the two locations:

? When Gwen is giving the Oscotp lab tour
? The end of the movie
The miscreants over at seem to be having a difficult figuring out exactly what the fuck Webb is talking about, which leads me to believe that these “Easter Eggs” have spoiled. (Get it? Eggs? Spoiled? GET IT?!) The  best guess — and I use the word “best” very loosely in this context — is that there’s a cloud that looks like a lightning bolt, referring to Electro as the sequel’s likely villain. Got that? It’s not a lightning bolt, and it’s not a cloud ith lightning coming out of it — it’s a cloud shaped like an actual lightning bolt. That we don’t even know for sure is the Easter Egg. Honestly, I can’t think of a more fitting Easter Egg for ASM, myself.