There’s No Justice Like Injustice Like No Justice I Know

Five more minutes of Injustice footage? Five more minutes of Injustice footage. This includes a lot of talking NetherRealm heads, too, unfortunately, but there’s still enough new stuff here that I figured it was worth a gander. A few things:

? Where the hell does Catwoman get punched to in that one level?
? I love the dude who has to explain that back is now block. You can just see “It took 20 years, but we finally figured out Capcom may be on to something” in his eyes.
? I also love the dude who says it was shocking that DC let them play around with Superman’s outfit. Sorry, sir, but you’re just doing the same thing Jim Lee did to Superman for the New 52. 
? I did laugh when I saw Harley Quinn had painted an anti-Batman-themed hopskotch board on the floor, despite the fact she’s dressed like she saw the new Suicide Juggalo Harley from the comics and asked, “Why so prudish?”