Today in @#$% People Are Making Up About Episode VII


I’ve got two Star Wars: Episode VII rumors for you, only one of which has the decency to even bother coming from an unnamed source. Let’s start with the other one first, though:

? Collider suggests Matthew Vaughn, director of X-Men: First Class, will direct Episode VII. This seems to be entirely based on the fact that Vaughn recently dropped out of directing X-Men: Days of Future Past, despite the fact that Vaughn has dropped out of plenty of movies in his career so far, and yet hasn’t managed to direct a single Star Wars film. Look, I’m not saying this is impossible, but there are about a hundred more reasonable reasons Vaughn might have skipped on the X-sequel before we get to “he was offered Star Wars.” This is even less plausible than the rumor Damon Lindelof was going to write Episode VII, just because he was working on a secret sci-fi project — at least that was definitely sci-fi.
? Entertainment Weekly says they have a source that says Harrison Ford would be open to reprising his role of Han Solo in one or more of the sequels if he 1) approved the script, 2) liked the director and 3) got a death scene (and, presumably, 4) got pizzaid). Even if it’s true, it’s pretty much a meaningless statement, since so many different things have to happen to get Ford on board — assuming he’s even part of the sequels, which original reports says he isn’t. All this boils down to is Ford saying “I wouldn’t turn it down out of hand.” Maybe that’s news to you, but after Crystal Skull I’m not particularly surprised.