TR Announcement: Hello, I Must Be Going


I regret to inform you guys that this will be my last week as editor of I’ll be joining as a senior editor on November 19th, where I’ll be doing much the same work as I am here, albeit hopefully with a bit more professionalism. Topless Robot will continue on without me, although it’s too soon to say exactly how or with who.

I certainly hope you’ll follow me there (if you aren’t reading them already) although I also hope you keep reading Topless Robot, too. I can’t tell you how hard it was to make this decision, because Topless Robot‘s been my life, my site, my baby for the last five years. But there comes a point when a man needs to give his baby to a stranger and abandon it, and I have reached that point with Topless Robot. A ton of factors went into my decision, but the long and short of it is that I don’t think I’ve been giving TR my all recently, and part of that is because I need a new challenge. This happened to be it. I wish nothing but success for Topless Robot and everyone who was, is or will be part of it, and again, I sincerely hope you’ll stick around.
I’m going to do a real farewell post on Friday — after a very special FFF, and maybe a couple of other surprises, if this week doesn’t get too crazy — but I want to thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart, for making TR the success that it’s been, and thank you for making the last five years of my life possible. I’ll put TR‘s community up against anybody for having the best, most thoughtful, most good-natured readers on the nerdernets.
All right, I’ll save the gooey stuff for Friday. I just wanted to give you guys the heads-up. Again, thank you for everything.