Very Odd Power Rangers Trifecta

? This somehow official sports-themed Power Rangers video, hosted by ESPN’s Neil Everett and clearly approved by Haim Saban himself — is a thing that exists, and I have no fucking clue why. I have to defer to what theBRUCE, who sent me the tip, said: “I do believe Saban is losing his mind.”

? Ron Wasserman, composer of the original “Go Go Power Rangers” theme, has released a new album of where he’s rerecorded all the various PR rock songs with modern musical technology. It’s available here for a mere $7, if you’re so inclined — not bad for 21 tracks of Ranger-y goodness.Thanks to Brady H. for the tip.

? If that’s not enough Power Ranging for you, you could do significantly worse than this PR fan flick called “Red Rising.” Screenrant calls it “The Dark Knight of Power Rangers films!” which is probably the best compliment a Power Rangers fan flick can possibly achieve. You should watch it.