What Does the Z in World War Z Stand For? Because It Sure as Hell Ain’t Zombies

The full trailer for the troubled movie adaptation of World War Z has finally arrived, and… I’m pretty sure I didn’t see a single zombie in it. Oh, there’s some kind of monster-people for sure — but they aren’t biting anyone or tearing anyone’s flesh off, which is the standard zombie operating procedure. About the most dangerous thing they seem to accomplish is knocking over buses by swarming it — in fact, I’m 99% sure these dudes are using the same programming of the fire ants from Indiana Jones in the Crystal Skull. So bottom line, they aren’t zombies. Seeing as I thought they looked like lemmings, the other day, let’s agree to call them “Zemmings.” So the movie has been officially retitled World War Zemmings. You have been notified.

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