Doctor Who Christmas Special 2012: Silurians, Snowmen and…Scrooge?

I know I’m a little bit late getting this up, but I blame it on this being my first week. An excuse I can milk for pretty much today only.

We knew about Ian McKellen voicing the evil snowmen. I don’t know if Richard E. Grant is actually playing Scrooge – his character’s name is “Doctor Simeon,” and it may or may not be notable that “Doctor” is spelled out in full, like our hero’s moniker – but he certainly looks like a Scrooge-ish character. And we all knew Jenna-Louise Coleman is mighty cute. Somehow I don’t think the whole Clara/Oswin issue is going to be dealt with this soon, however.

For my money, that spiral staircase at the beginning is the coolest, though. And I freakin’ hate climbing stairs, so they must be considerably stunning to win me over.

What do you think?

(Hat tip: Canadian.Scott)