What’cha Gonna Do for New Year’s, BROTHER?

I think I need to book myself a flight to Tampa to be at the grand opening of Hogan’s Beach.

“I see myself almost like a general manager, creatively. I play a fake general manager on Impact Wrestling. But this is for real.”
Because when we think Hulk Hogan, the one word that comes to mind is “real.” Or not. Actually, the only time I’d ever put “Hulk Hogan” and “real” in the same sentence is when talking about this:

Hulk Hogan’s new restaurant will have three separate menus, a mechanical shark, volleyball courts and a live music stage. And of course he’s trying to pitch the idea of a reality show to be filmed there.

Considering we’re talking about a guy – albeit an extremely entertaining blowhard of a guy – who’s still cashing in on a three-decades-old gimmick because he hasn’t come up with any new successes (Thunder in Paradise?), I wouldn’t suggest investing in his new project just yet.

I do, however, look forward to hearing what The Iron Sheik has to say about it.