New Disney Concept Art from Frozen Sure Looks Frozen-y

“Who sneezed?”

So…yeah. I guess this is what I’d expect a movie called Frozen to look like.

Frozen is Disney following their Tangled formula of taking a well-known fairy tale and then changing the name so that boys won’t be intimidated by any perceived girlishness. In other words, this is The Snow Queen, but like The Little Mermaid, sure to be less disturbing than the original story (Hans Christian Anderson had some issues). It may still retain some edge, though – the songs will be cowritten by Robert Lopez, whose prior credits include the decidedly un-Disneylike Avenue Q and The Book of Mormon. So even though this probably got greenlit because the Ice Age movies did so well that someone in Burbank said, “Hey, we need an ice picture too!” there’s hope for it not to suck. Or am I unduly optimistic?

UPDATE: Until I saw it again on Facebook, I’d totally forgotten about the other Frozen. One you wouldn’t want to let the kids see by mistake…