The ’90s Ninja Turtle Movie That (Mercifully) Never Happened

Shreddin’ down the walls of heartache, bang bang

Were you disappointed in the all-CG TMNT movie that was a kinda-sorta sequel to the ’90s live-action trilogy? I enjoyed it for what it was, but if you didn’t, you should be aware that it could have been far, far, uhh…different. Turtles cocreator Kevin Eastman has been auctioning off his entire heroes-in-a-half-shell haul, and among the items to show up are a screenplay and concept designs for a fourth live-action movie that never happened. Based on the sketches presented, it would have involved April becoming evil and slutty, Shredder dressing like a glam rocker, nanobots, and a fifth turtle named Kirby (after that famous Renaissance painter Jack Kirby, don’cha know).

You have to see the designs to believe them. And after that, make Kevin Eastman an offer. Seriously. He’s “proactively entertaining” them.

(Actually, these are still more interesting than anything I ever read about the proposed Michael Bay version.)

H/T SlyDante